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Véronique Louppe always showed an interest in textile arts, which never went away. In high school she had chosen to study dressmaking, design & sewing, which serves her well today. It is only as an adult, that she got the opportunity to begin the process of learning bobbin lace, while she was still in Belgium, her native country.

It all started as a recreational hobby, but she soon discovered this wonderful technique going through specialized books and self teaching. She had a facility to read and comprehend the patterns, then acquire an ability to draw them. In 1996 the lace-maker was encouraged to start creating. At about the same time, a contest was advertised in a bobbin lace specialty magazine in Germany. Right away, her creative instinct went to work, she participated and introduced her first creation ‘’Migration’’ in 1996.

In 1998, Mrs. Pamela Nottingham, a British teacher, internationally renowned for her course on ‘Bucks’’ bobbin lace technique, totally changing the artist’s vision and perception off the making of the lace. The message was clear: be resourceful and creative, by removing or adding threads when needed. It was quite a revelation!!!!!!

Constantly producing unique creations, Véronique went in quest of information and contacts. In 2000 she took it a step further transforming her hobby into a business, a small artistic enterprise. Her first professional exhibit was presented by ‘’Dimension Textile’’ in Québec City in 2001. Many other events followed in the regions of Québec and Lanaudière.

Véronique Louppe teaches at ‘’ La Maison Routhier’’, a textile art center in Sainte-Foy and also at the’’La Guilde des dentellières de Québec’’ In the pursuit to perfect her technique, she studies Binche bobbin lace techniques with Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billet of Bruges, Belgium, one session specializing in the creation of patterns.

The artist lace-maker was recognized as a professional member of ‘’Conseil des Métiers d’Art duQuébec’’ in 2002. A special order from ‘’La Guilde des dentellières de Québec’’ for the Lieutenant-Governor of Québec, Mrs. Lise Thibault, resulted in the orientation of a new artistic direction. The lace work delivered was ‘’ La Broche Feuille’’, a three-dimensional broach creation in the shape of leaves. In 2003, integrating two different and interesting ways of using metal threads, another three-dimensional piece, was born. This creation ‘’ Enfance, chemin de vie’’ (Childhood, road of life) is of very large dimension. Recipient of a scholarship, in 2004, from ‘’Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec’’, Véronique Louppe experiments with metal threads only, in the pursuit of achieving three-dimensional lace. A fascinating idea grew to become a superb sculpture called ‘’Envol’’ (Taking Flight).It consists of a bird framework dressed with approximately 300 feathers, entirely worked with bobbins. This piece represents the flight to new artistic heights of its creator. The possibilities of this technique, which is bobbin lace, combined with the creativity of the lace-maker are promising.




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